Serving the Piedmont Triad since 1972

Where We Stand

With the best interest of its' clients a primary objective, Freeman Commercial Real Estate will cooperate with other real estate firm/brokers who are acting arm’s length as seller's subagent or buyer's agent under terms and conditions to be mutually agreed upon.

Our Policy

Freeman Commercial Real Estate will serve clients as:
  • Seller / Landlord Agency
  • Buyer / Tenant Agency
  • Dual Agency: For an in-house sale when working for a seller under a listing agreement and a buyer under a buyer agency agreement with the full knowledge and consent of both parties.

Client Confidentialily

We are dedicated to confidentiality in client transactions, as well as to ethical fidelity to the interests of all parties. Our successful business is built on three principles:
  • To provide responsible, sensitive counseling and service, adhering to the Realtors® Code of Ethics.
  • To use our training, experience and knowledge in the best interest of our clients and to make an extra commitment to assure their satisfaction.
  • To provide these services at reasonable fees to return a reasonable profit.